January 21, 2020

How to remove rust from stovetops in 2020

AS time flies, the metal which is in Glass stovetops starts to get the rust. You can’t see the rust easily since it starts arriving at the bottom of these stoves. This inevitably becomes an unhygienic condition to prepare food. 

Generally, any stovetops which are made up of enamel, are spared from being rusted. It only occurs if the stove has stainless steel. 

Having wet cookwares and keeping them above the stovetops are the most common reason for having the rusts. 

How to remove rust from stovetops made from glass in 8 steps

For any glass-based stovetops, the rust can be removed by following these simple eight steps. 

  1. Turn off the gas valve and unplug the power chord of the glass stoves. 
  2. Lift the stovetops and remove stove grates. 
  3. Remove and unscrew the burners. 
  4. Scrub the burners and rusted area with water and dish soap material. Alternatively, you can use any of the below-mentioned home-based products to remove the rust from stovetops. 
  5. Rinse the burners and rusted area throughly. 
  6. Make sure the rusted area is dried off. 
  7. Set the heaters in place 
  8. Turn on the gas valves and plug the power chords. 

How to remove rust from stovetops (electrical) in 8 steps

For any Electric based stovetops or electric burners, the rust can be removed by following these simple eight steps. 

1. Unplug the main power chord and remove the burners from the electrical connection when the oven is off. 

2. Use a damp cloth and soft sponge with warm water and scrub across the rusted area. 

3. Rinse the burner throughly. 

4. Dry the burners and rusted area with a soft dry cloth. 

5. Mix 2 spoons of baking soda, one spoon of white vinegar and prepare the mixture.

6. Apply the following to the rusted areas by scrubbing with a damp cloth. 

7. Once the rusts are cleaned and removed, dry the burners with a towel. 

8. Put the power chord back on and refit the burners in electrical connection. 

Cleaning these rusts can entirely depend on the rust types. If there are large rust spots, then it will require more in-depth cleaning. 

Rusts are of very different forms. The most common for stovetops are from iron oxide where, as mentioned above, the metal comes in contact with watt or moisture, and it becomes oxygenated. 

If we try to avoid commercial rust removers, we can use generic household items to jump start and remove the rust from these surfaces. 

Some of these items can be : 

a. Salt and Lime:= You should sprinkle a little salt over the stovetops and squeeze the Lime onto the salt. Keep it like this for around 1-2 hours so that the salt can absorb the lime juice. Now cut a lemon and clean the rusted area with this lemon. Original rust should be gone with this method. 

b. While Vinegar and Aluminium foil: You can always dip aluminium foil in white vinegar and clean the rust with this mixture. This is also an effective way to remove the rusts.

c. Baking soda with Water: This is a shared secret wherein you put baking soda directly to the rusted area and then with an old toothbrush, you can gently rub and by applying water. Eventually, the rust should get disappeared. 

d. Potato with dish soap: This is another ingenious method where you need to cut the potato in half. Take the cut end and dip it to dish soap and rub gently over the rusted surface. 

Things to consider while cleaning and removing rust from stovetops :

Below are the items you need to consider while cleaning the rusted area from the stovetops : 

  • Baking soda
  • Dish detergent 
  • White Vinegar
  • Scrub brush 
  • Dry and soft cloth 
  • Towel 
  • Old toothbrush

With any of the above methods, you can clean the rust out of your stovetops and make them clean and shiny. You can also prevent the stoves tops to get rusted if the metal oven range is kept clean and dry. Any spills on these can quickly damage the parts and rust can be formed. 

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