January 19, 2020

How to Prevent Scratches on Glass Stove Tops in 2020

Glass stovetops are always perceived as beautiful and elegant stoves while cooking. If you own glass stovetops, it is still bothersome to see it be all scratched up.

It always heeded that while cooking with the flow of utensils over the stove, the glass stovetops across the glass surface, it gets a mark. Similarly, at times when these glass stovetops have cleaned with abrasive cleaning products, it gets scratched. But a fact is that , If these cooking glass stoves are used frequently there are 80% chances of getting scratched.

Here the secret for glass stovetops is not to get it scratched but rather prevent the scratches from ever happening.

Top 10 Tips on How to Prevent Scratches on Glass Stove Tops

The following are a few suggestions that will help you to prevent scratches and marks happening on Glass Stove Tops.

  1. Always use glass stove top covers, so that glass stove tops are always protected when not in use.
  2. Always try to wipe the glass stovetops as soon as you see any food or stains on it. Once you rub, the heat will not absorb the stains.
  3. While cleaning the cooking stovetops, make sure the cloth is clean and its a damp cloth. Similarly, the fabric has to be soft, and you can’t use any hard material.
  4. Try to move the cooking utensils and pots by lifting them from glass stovetops and not by dragging through the glass stoves. The friction caused due to moving of utensils and pans around the cooktops are usually the leading cause of it scratched.
  5. Make sure to clean the bottom of your ware(s) before they get placed above glass stovetops. The pots and utensils always have food residue and burnt food sticking with them. These cookwares, when placed in the cookstove, cause a scratch, which can easily be avoided if post-cooking, the utensils are cleaned.
  6. Cooking with flat pots and utensils are always recommend while using glass stovetops.
  7. Please keep all your appliances aways and far from glass stovetops so that accidentally there are no risks of them being dragged and getting unnecessary scratches.
  8. It would be best if you always avoided Aluminium foils to get in contact with Glass Stovetops. Foils, if used, generally will leave black and grey streaks.
  9. There is also a product called Lomi Mat, which can be used in cooktops while cooking to prevent it from being getting scratches.
  10. You can also buy a piece of tempered glass, which can be placed above the glass stovetop to prevent it from being scratched or dirty.

At times, even if you forget the above tips, and scratches appear, you can try to remove the scratches from glass stovetops.

Aside from above , You should always avoid Glass or cast iron and ceramic cookwares as they will tend to scratch the stove top surface. Cast iron utensils will always have some kind of burrs or rough patches on the outside of the pan.

Ammonia based e-learning products should always be avoided. Similarly glass cleaners should also be avoided , as it can leave various streaks on the glass.

In addition to the above, any heavy weight on glass stove tops should also be avoided. If any heavy objects are kept, there is always chance of stovetops to get a crack. Mostly ceramic stovetops have weight limit which can be checked and be aware of.

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